Fiio M6 - Roon converts to 16 Bit

Hi, I’ve just bought a Fiio M6. This player natively supports 24/192 and even DSD playback from local files. However, when I stream to it as a Roon endpoint, Roon supplies a maximum of 96khz and down-converts to 16bit even though it allows me to set 24bit in the setup page.

I’ve read somewhere that Android OS (which is what Fiio runs on) only supports 16bit. so… I just want to check if that’s the reason Roon’s doing the down-convert, or if there’s some setup tweak I can do, to maintain 24bit where required?

If Android OS does really only support 16bit then it begs the question… is the Fiio M6 ever really delivering 24bit, or indeed DSD to its D/A when it says it is (From the included Fiio Music app)? A question for the Fiio forum I suppose.

I enclose screen grabs of setup page and signal path.


Thanks folks.


I am the same problem on Samsung s9+

Hi Dan,
I have a Fiio m6 as well having difficulty getting app to work. says it needs an upgrade to roon 1.6 and appears to be operating on roon 1.5. i have emailed Fiio and they have not replied. is your roon app still working since roon 1.6 came on line.

Hi Martin. I downloaded an updated app from the Roon downloads page here -

Look for Android (apk) under Roon Remote.

Do you know how to load apps onto the Fiio btw? If not, I can give more info.


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Hi Dan
Many many thanks for that advice. Didn’t realise there was a Roon download site.
Have now downloaded the up to date Roon remote app and firing on all cylinders
Kind regards Martin.

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You’re welcome mate.

Does anyone from Roon @support know an answer to my original query?

Why does Roon convert streams to 16-bit when streaming to a Fiio M6?

Is it because The M6 uses an Android 7.0 OS that only supports 16-bit?



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I am also interested in the answer to this one. I was considering the Fiio M9 and was hoping to use Roon bit perfect. I have a feeling that only something like USB Audio Pro Player currently can output bit perfect USB on Android. But if Roon could do this as well - it would be awesome…

Hi @jrd1975

I haven’t tried the USB output from my M6 yet. I need a USB-C to USB-B cable to do that. I would hope that when Roon sees the FiiO is connected by USB to a DAC that it would then go bit-perfect.

The use case I’m talking about is when listening to the FiiO via headphones from its analogue out.

I’ll have to grab a lead and do a test.

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Hello @Dan_Brown,

At the moment, Roon on Android devices is limited to a maximum bit-depth of 16bit. Removing this limitation is on our development roadmap, but we cannot commit to a timeframe at this point in time.



Thanks for letting me know @John.

All the best,


resolve fast pls!
im a lifetime member!

I’ve just received a Fiio M6 and have a minor problem. I have downloaded the latest Roon Remote for Android APK from Roon’s downloads page on to it straight away today but have an issue when using the USB C digital out of the Fiio player to my DAC (micro USB / Chord Hugo 2). I am getting some random crackly digital noise coming in and out every 2-30 seconds or so (though it isn’t repetitive or cyclical).Roon sounds fine though through the headphone out on the Fiio player. I do not get this noise with the native Fiio music app or using the supplied Tidal app on USB dig out. Any advice on settings to rid me of the digital noise from the USB output with Roon? Or something for the team to look into?

Also I have had several crashes and bits of the interface are often unresponsive. The “Play Now” button for instance doesn’t always work forcing you to select the first track in an album and selecting “play from here”.

The Fiio M6 will make an excellent little Roon endpoint digital transport for DAC’s if these little bugs can be ironed out :slight_smile:

thanks in advance.


Does anyone know if the custom firmware from XDA (AntonIXO) solves the issue mentioned by the op? Thanks.