FiiO M7 - Roon Ready Desktop All-InOne Announced


Same ESS9068AS+THX AAA 788 configuration as the M11 Plus.

This is a pretty interesting device. It’s Android 10 (open) so you can do quite a bit with it, including drive external displays over DisplayPort.

Looks like the USD retail is about $900.


Thats the THX 788, the one in M11 is 78 which is for mobile so this will have more juice interesting desktop option. If they get this Roon Ready very interesting. Not sure why it has two power options though.

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I would never ever buy a piece of equipment that relies on an OS that pretty soon gets outdated with no guarantee at all for future updates. I want devices like this to function for 10 years at least, preferably 15 years or more. Chances are very high this thing will just stop working in 3 to max 5 years time.

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Thanks for clarifying. I mis-read the spec sheets.

It’s Roon Ready. It indicates that on the page and they’ve got Roon featured in their images as well. They’re leaning in.

AC off mains out of the box. Upsell to their PL50 linear power supply.