File accuracy/integrity check

Has Roon considered adding a file accuracy/integrity check to its audio analysis routine?

When I rip CDs, I routinely use AccurateRip and CUETools Database to confirm accuracy. Additionally, I periodically use CUETools Database after the fact to confirm FLAC file integrity.

Roon could automate those tasks in part by including accuracy/integrity check in its audio analysis. Verification could come from licensing AccurateRip and/or CUETools Database data. Additionally, it could come from crowd sourcing Roon users’ collections – as it sounds like Roon may start doing with dynamic range measurements.



This is a good idea. I’d love to Roon to do AccurateRip checks as part of analysis. As the world is going over totally to data, checking its integrity is important. @brian is this something you could see a future for?