File-based DSP settings?

Given the (amazing) new 1.5 release, I am wondering if it would be possible to have DSP settings associated with specific files. A few use cases:
1- MQA files - would like to switch an aggressively min phase upsampling filter, much like the ones in the rendering stage
2- Albums that require a bit of eq - bass boost, tame highs
3- Albums that require other DSP - it would be great to have the ability to do dynamic range expansion if/when such a DSP option is available

Thx guys!

Bumping this since noone has replied…

Imagine adding a little bass to Cocteau Twins’s “Heaven Or Las Vegas”… Without having to switch DSPs around back and forth…

I should note that I mean “track-based DSP” where a DSP filter is applied to the track before a global DSP filter is applied to everything.

Bumping this again cuz I really really really want this!!!

And I realize that the title might be confusing… I would like to be able to associate a DSP setting with a track or album.

I started a new thread for clarity:

I like the idea. Probably many others do also. Sometimes people don’t respond to an idea they like, even though they need to so Roon can gauge the value of a feature request.

If you’re waiting for a response from Roon, that’s not going to happen. They don’t, as a rule, respond or even acknowledge feature requests.

Roon dev team has been pretty responsive to reasonable requests in my experience… Oftentimes saying that they acknowledge it, it is coming, it is complicated given the architecture, or similar. I have always been pretty impressed with their responsiveness.

I think it depends, there has never been any responses to the “individual track ratings” requests for example.