File corrupted in Roon only?

I just started using Roon. My Core is a dedicated late 2014 Mac Mini running Monterey. My music files are on an external Samsung T7.
When I play “Big In Japan,” by Tom Waits, an AAC file, the sound drops in places as if the file is corrupted. But if I close Roon and play the same file through iTunes, the same file plays fine.

Amy suggestions for how to fix this?

It would be helpful to use the form that come up in the support posts to have more information available. You mentioned the core running on MAC but not the network details or the endpoint playback devices.

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Hi, sorry.
The Core is the Mini. Connected by usb to a Peachtree Nova integrated amp (built in dac) to Totem Hawk speakers.

How is the core machine connected to the router, Ethernet or wireless? If wireless try Ethernet to the router, at least temporarily, to see if that makes any difference

If it’s just the one file causing a problem (i.e. you didn’t just use that one as an example when, in fact, loads of files cause the same problem) you could try duplicating the file and see if the copy causes the same issue. The reason I’m suggesting this is because there have been a couple of times I’ve had Roon report a track as corrupt, but it works flawlessly with other software. Duplicating the track (which obviously forces Roon to rescan it) seemed to fix the problem.

I suspect this won’t work–Roon tends to reject corrupt files rather than stuttering over them–but it might be worth a try.

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