File Downloaded from to my iPhone, then to Local Library - Possible?

Is the subject line question possible? I can’t even figure out where the downloaded file is on an iPhone 11 running IOS 16.0.2 to access the actual music file, as a file (EDIT: I know where it is to play it), let alone transfer it. The file has to be on my phone, is it made unaccessible for purposes other than playing it from the Mixcloud app.?


From the FAQ:

“You can find all your downloaded shows in one place under Downloads in the sidebar menu in the Mixcloud mobile app.”

I don’t think there is a way to do it on iPhone directly.

Indeed, but that is not actually the file, that could then be transferred. It’s a visual UI to play the download. Thanks, @eric8bits

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@ged_hickman1 @Rugby @ipeverywhere - Gent’s this seems to be headed for obscurity fast. If you have time - any guidance? Thanks!

It seems like mixcloud, like Tidal, Qobuz, and other streaming services, download files to their protected area and they are not available to be played by other applications. However, I could be wrong as that was from just reading a couple of minutes on their site.

The best option it to ask Mixcloud if it is possible to do what you want.

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Thanks @Rugby! I actually found a solution, it’s a hack and it’s manual but I’ve gotten the files into my Roon library.