File format for album cover

what file format should I use for an album cover?
I have created my own CD where I want my own picture on the cover.
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I have used both jpg and png for artwork. I just put it in the directory with the music files then select it in the album editor (if needed).

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Thanks for your reply.
I have a PNG and a JPG file
When I open below I can not see my files.
How can I access and select a file?
Album editor → Album artwork → Add image → the catalog with my album image
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The steps:
Click three dots on the albums page
click edit
click the “edit album” tab
Scroll to the “Album Artwork” section
Click “add image”
When you get to this screen:

You can browse to where your image is, either on your computer or a URL (I put my images in the album folder where the music files for the album are stored).
You can also drag and drop the image from your file explorer onto the “add an image” window.

OK thanks for your reply.
Now I can see my image files.
It is important to have art work in the same catalog as the music.
Not that clear when you are inside the Roon GUI.
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