File JAIL, Rehab, and Library Citizenship

I’ve seen some products that handle files the software can’t figure out for one reason or another. Perhaps they have meta data missing, incorrect format, file tags too long, corrupt, and I’m sure there are many others.

Currently ROON can generate a list of files that are not imported. That’s a good thing. But it’s a long way from helping to fix them so ROON can import them.

It occurred to me if these errant files were identified and could be placed in a jail or on probation area, then ROON could bring up a pop up for that individual field describing what’s the difficulty. Next the user could then fix the files so they can be imported by ROON. One could edit the file name and shorten it, edit out symbols ROON didn’t understand or be prompted to rerip the file again.

I have many files that have been identified by ROON as ‘bad actors’ that I’d like to rehabilitate but don’t really know what the problem Is exactly and thus don’t have a solution for returning them to worthwhile members of society again.

I believe ROON has captured many of these file criminals which is a great service, the next step should be proper rehabilitation and finally integrating them back to the file as good citizens.

Making it more clear would be great, indeed.

For now, and in case you didn’t know this, albums (or tracks), focus, inspector, identified, click green sticker to filter by non-identified files, or corrupt (click sticker again to filter by not corrupt) can help.
Non-contiguous tracks (so focus - inspector - contiguous tracks - click sticker again to get not contiguous) in album focus generally means there’s an issue with your album.