File loading slowly messages

Core Machine Mac mini with MacOS Big Sur ()Roon core


Network Details Orbi mesh router


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

BluSound Node2, Apple HomePod and Bose Soundtouch

Description Of Issue

Get the file loading slowly error whether music from the Mac mini storage or from Tidal and when connected to any of the devices. Extremely frustrating as the invidual components all work perfectly when networked with other applications. So definitely a Roon issue and not device or network issue

Hi @Aloke_Gupta

Just to confirm, does the same issue occur if you play to System Output of the Mac Mini? If so, can you let me know the time the error occurs and the track you’re playing when it happens? Please use local files for this test. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick response.
I have changed over to another computer and will see how it goes. If ok then could be an issue with the Mac Mini connection to the network.

I used another computer and faced no problems at all. Must be a network issue with my Mac mini. Thanks this case can be closed now.

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