File marked as corrupt is playing?!

I had a file pop up in my queue this morning that was flagged by Roon as corrupt. I plan to re-rip the cd and replace it. To my surprise, rather than skipping over it, Roon played the file! If it’s corrupt, why is it playing? AS much a question of my curiosity as anything. Thanks for any insight anyone has. Cheers!

Hi Kevin,

Apparently there was a bug that’s being fixed that caused some files to show as corrupt, although they weren’t.

Anyway, try and Re-Analyze the Album and see if that fixes it.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks, Greg. I was aware of that thread, but wasn’t sure it applied. I re-analyzed that album, along with another that is fine as far as I can tell, but no change, still labeled as corrupt. I will patiently await the fix in a future build!

A long time ago, we tried making Sooloos (Roon’s predecessor) treat corrupt files as un-playable. It just annoyed people.

Most other apps ignore the whole topic and just do “best effort” during playback, so it felt like we were being more rigid by locking it down.

Flagging corruption is a convenience–we’re letting you know that the file might not play correctly and that you might want to look into replacing it. But we’re not going to stop you from trying. What if it’s your only copy, and the corruption only affects the last few seconds of the song? You still might want to play it.

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Thanks for your input, @brian. Like a lot of what you and your team do, that seems like a thoughtful and sensible approach. Thanks (from a guy who once kept a collection of index cards corresponding to his vinyl and CDs, all handwritten with credits for musicians and production!) for a great product that has truly got me back in touch with the music I enjoy so much!


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