File Not Showing [Solved: Indexing took longer than expected]

I read the FAQs for the various reasons why a file wouldn’t show. I’ve tried rescan on the folder and manually dropped it but still nothing. The file is a large classical file, one side each of the Firebird Suite. I just spent $500 on a subscription so hoping this isn’t normal and can be rectified. Thanks, Lance

Check the folder and file names for illegal characters. Tildes scuttled my first four albums.

By the way, my learning curve for Roon was rewarding and steep. There is a lot to digest in this program, and Roon is trying to bridge gaps between user files, music databases, and internet metadata sources. Glitches appear.

But, these guys listen and react well given their size and the size of their subscription base.

You might take some time in the next little while to post the particulars of your system in your profile (click my icon for one example). It will save you time in the long run, because in order to help, the Roon guys will ask for all that information.

Also you might check out this:’t_showing_up_in_Roon

Your money was not wasted. Hang in there…

Thanks, John. I’ve been trialing the program and fully committed to making it work for me. Thanks for the suggestion to update my profile. I’m pretty sure after further inspection that Roon is working to reindex all my files and expect that may take a while, and could be the reason this particular file isn’t showing up but not sure. I did rip a CD this morning and those files showed instantly.