File path for tracks when imported playlists are stored in folder?

Prior to the purchase of a Nucleus I am currently trialling Roon installed on an old Mac Mini with Music files stored on a QNAP NAS.

My Library has imported ok and all is tickety boo with playback and navigation of my collection.

My only issue to date has been regarding some existing m3u8 playlists which I have created within iTunes.

My music library has a /Music/Artist/Album/Track file structure on the QNAP.

My playlists are stored in a /Music/Playlists/ folder.
My watched folder within roon is /Music/

If I edit my playlists so track path is ./Artist/Album/Track and store the playlist file in /Music then the playlist is recognised by Roon and plays without issue.

If, however, the playlist is stored in /Music/Playlists then it is not recognised and is not seen in playlist list.

I have tried ../Artist/Album/Track path for playlists in /Music/Playlists/ but this also failed.

Is it possible to store imported playlists in a /Music/Playlists folder or must they be stored in /Music/ ?

If it is possible, could some one tell me the relative path format to use?


Hi @Deeg,

Welcome to the forum! I would suggest that you look over our Playlists Documentation to get started.

As per the documentation, the playlist must be stored at the root folder of the music files:

In order for an M3U to appear in Roon, it must:

  • Include tracks from the same watched folder (tracks from other watched folders will be ignored - tracks can be stored anywhere in the watched folder where the M3U is stored, but the contents of an M3U playlist cannot span multiple watched folders)

Does this explanation help answer the structure question? Just let me know!

hi noris,

thanks for getting back to me, yep answered query, will just store them in /music going forward as thats the only option.


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