File permissions on Thunderbolt storage attached to Mac mini affecting watched folder

Today I sent a music file from my windows laptop to the Mac mini via wifi, destination a Roon watached folder, the new album did not appear in Roon , when I logged onto the Mac mini and found the file it was locked and I didn’t have the right permissions to open etc,.
What did I do wrong? I have scoured the internet but am still none the wiser on what to do, how can I fix this?

Hey @Dannythered,
Are you able to open these files in other apps?
Regarding changing file ownership -

Hi @vova

Thanks for the ownership tip, had tried this with the two files but the message I get is that I don’t have permission, one file shows a padlock, the other a padlock and no entry sign, I can’t delete via the Mac or from the laptop when connected to the mapped Mac drive.
I’ve added the music to another watched folder so all is good, It just bugs me that I can’t sort it out.