File playback from SSD

When I playback a file on an SSD drive with a streamer like an Antipodes K50, is the cable modem/router/ethernet involved during roon file playback?

I would like to avoid the noisy cable modem.

Roon pulls data from the internet even when streaming local content.

What makes you say your cable modem is “noisy”. Are you experiencing issues with it?

Whatever you do, there is constant low-level traffic on ethernet as devices talk to each other. It’s not as if nothing happens if you don’t transfer any user data. It’s what ethernet is designed for.

This doesn’t exist. If you sleep better, plug an unmanaged switch for 20 euros into the router and everything else into the switch. The switch will only transfer traffic in and out of its ports that are necessary for the respective devices that are connected to each port.


Does it pull data from the internet for the artwork? And to run the Roon app?

Metadata and so on. Networked apps like this communicate all the time. It is a misconception that there is ever silence on a network. And it’s fine if there is chatter, because that’s how it works and it’s what it is designed and built for

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If you’re playing from some Roon core to a streamer, at least the router (and ethernet cabling) would be involved to get packets from the core to the streamer. In the meanwhile, core, other computers on the network, and quite likely the streamer will have at least some internet traffic going through the modem.

Will it have any effect on the sound? Unless the modem is quite broken (not quite “sparks are coming out of it and it smells like something’s burning” but very close), none whatsoever.

You could electrically isolate Roon core and the streamer from the modem by getting a couple of media converters between the router everything else is plugged into, and a switch @Suedkiez mentioned, and have some fiber in between the internet/modem side and Roon core/streamer side. But really, it would have only psychological effect.

The Antipodes K50 has both core and streamer in one box, which I prefer.

Claims of noise over ethernet are wildly overstated and largely based on misunderstanding.

Stop worrying and enjoy the music.


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