File plays in iTunes but not in Roon [Resolved]

I’m looking for some help from any audio file (not ‘-phile’ for a change!) wizards out there.

A few years ago, the external drive that holds my music library crashed. I was without a recent backup (lesson long since learned). Using some data recovery software and an older backup, I was able to pull most everything together. I lost a number of 24/48 flac downloads that I couldn’t play at the time and had converted to 16/44 ALAC. In trying to clean up old files restored by the data recovery software, I dropped a couple into Roon, and, lo and behold, they were recognized. All the metadata was there, everything looked great. But they won’t play. I used XLD to convert a file to aiff. It won’t play in Roon either. But, it plays in iTunes. I’m running a Mac with macOS 10.012.3. Here’s a link to the aiff in Dropbox. If any one wants to fiddle with it and can get it to play, let me know. Thanks!

Hi Kevin,

I downloaded the file and had no trouble getting it to play.

I imported it into Roon two ways, via iTunes and also by dropping it directly into my watched music folder. Both ways it played fine.

Cheers, Greg

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I also downloaded the track and had no trouble getting it to play. I just dropped it into my watched folder.

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Ok, just got back around to this file. Moved it from my own dropbox back into a watched folder in Roon. I can identify it, DR analysis, wave form visible, all looks good, but it won’t play. Roon sits there with it for 5 seconds or so and then it disappears from the now playing screen. Hmmmm…@support? Not a high priority issue, but thanks for your help!

Never mind, looks like I’m caught up in my other issue, a loss of audio devices when changing resolution (the file in question is 24/48). I loaded up some other tracks, Roon skips through them with no output. I restart Roon and get ‘No Audio Device found’. I’ll need to restart my core which I’m not prepared to do right now and try the file again. I have another thread going with this other issue.

Update: File is playing now after a restart of my core. Hmmm. Not sure why it wouldn’t play before? Thanks for your help @Tony_Reimann and @Greg!