File Tag Changes Within a Watched Roon Folder

Is the practice of making file tag changes, while the file sits within the Watch Folder, considered acceptable practice? If so, what post-change workflow is recommended to ensure that Roon has “seen” and “acted upon” the changes?

If it is not accepted practice, what is an acceptable process?

I ask because I have routinely made changes to my “live” files without adverse consequence AFAICT. However, Roon will sometimes/often seem to ignore changes.

This, in my mind, is a bug, pure and simple. If Roon has written its code without contemplating “live” file tag changes, then something is amiss. To me, such changes should be immediately reflected. If they can’t be immediately changed, for some reason, users should be informed of their “pending” status. A little orange dot next to the track name would work for me.

Again IMHO, whether the affected album has been IDed should not be considered. If the user changes something, s/he’s doing so with purpose and a desired outcome. I don’t want my computer to “get back to me within 48 hours.”

I get the feeling Roon’s trying to protect me, as in, “there, there. You don’t really want to change that track title. It could hurt you.”

If I change, say, an album title tag, I expect it to be immediately reflected on the Roon screen. I should not have to coax it with an Edit Album, choose file version. I changed it for a reason! If I give a group of tracks the same WORK name, I expect the group to be treated as a composition. Period. It may not be recognizable then, but that’s okay.

If Roon thinks a change may cause catastrophic (like deleting an album) harm, it can warn the user.