File tagging wrong when ripped. Corrected, but album not added

An interesting situation:

  • I use dbPoweramp for ripping. I’ve done a large number of bulk ripping, and I’ve found an album with incorrect info in Roon - almost certainly due to the file tags (wrong album, artist, and track names)
  • I shut down Roon Core
  • I edited the file tags to their correct values
  • Restarted Roon Core, forced a folder rescan, but the updated album wouldn’t show up.
  • I copied the artist/album folders to another folder that’s scanned, and the album now appeared correctly in Roon.

How can I get Roon to pick up the correct file from its original location?


Did you check under “Unknown Artist” in album view? Several of my recent additions/rips ended up there instead of where their fully accurate ID3 tags said they should be.

I found the albums and did a quick per-album re-scan (Edit>Re-Scan Album) and then the artist was properly identified by Roon.

Until I found them under Unknown Artist, I was going to try moving their folders as well.