File tags and Roons "Primary Artist" in conflict

Hello Roon team,

I’m a new member and very much like Roon.

There ist one thing that really bothers me:
Status Quo:
I configured import settings to “prefer file”
My file tags are well and thoroughful maintained,

Roon looks up in he internet and/or its own database to get information beyond whats file tags and folder names can provide.
Thats cool. BUT: Roon then creates these so called “Primary Artists” if there is more than one avaiable.
Then Roon creates a separate database/library entry for the other “Primary Artists”, which you see then under artists.
As a consequence it can happen that one record has got 5 “Primary Artists” but you only want to see and access one particular artist and don’t want the other.
Roon will create 5 library entries instead of one. No matter if there are no other records of these 4 unwelcome artists in the library available.
If you import 2000 record as I did it can happen that you have additional 20 artists which are unwelcome with 50 records they’re in to play.
Then you have to delete all these artist from EVERY record in which they are registered.
Awful job… …and after each new file import you have to do it again… ))-:

My request is to turn off that behavior by default and let user turn in on manually if they wish to.
Means if user like they can turn that option on and Roon rescans and creates the entries in the library.

Many thanx in forward