File Under: Group Bands with related Solo Artists

In a good record shop, when I look for what they have under The Rolling Stones, they will also have in that same shelf whatever records they have by Mick Jagger or Keith Richards. Same for Beatles with Lennon, McCartney, Pavement with Stephen Malkmus, Oasis with the Gallaghers etc. etc.

So, this is what I would like to reproduce in my Album View. I would browse through the letter B, reach the Beatles and find attached, as it were, Lennon and McCartney solo records. Of course, I would like to see that without actually changing the artist in a Lennon record to The Beatles, which would of course be incorrect.

The issue is even more pressing when it comes to artists who are in the habit of using different monikers. Think of Will Oldham for example, who uses that name and then Bonnie Prince Billy or Palace Music, Palace Brothers etc. I want all of his album to show up in one place, like it would be done in a (good) record shop.

Essentially, what I am looking for is a simple way to tell Roon to FILE a specific album UNDER a specific artists.

Let me know if this is planned or else already possible with me being too dumb to realize it. Much appreciated.

Two things you can do:

(1) If you scroll to the bottom of the Artist page, there are associations, and for example at the bottom of the Beatles you’d find “Associated With…George Harrison” (etc.). So it is already there to some degree, although not the same as the individual artist’s albums being literally represented with the band’s albums.

(2) I use Tags to accomplish this. I create what I call “Artist Trees” and then tag all relations so that I can see and do what you suggest:

Then when you click on a given Artist Tree Tag you get to the artists that have been Tagged (the double Wings entry is a bug the Roon team hasn’t been able to fix):

From there you can see the albums:

I think the reason a few other artists are represented is because one of the Beatles has credits on that album. One of the mysteries of Roon that show further development work is needed.

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Hello James,

this is a good idea - I will copy this for my own library :+1:


Thanks James! There are some very good ideas there. Creating artist trees is good, but I would have a ton of those would I do that, and thus really clutter my tag system. Also, as you point out, while this would help me group bands and solo artists, it would not quite do what I was hoping for, i.e. browsing through B in the album view, reaching the Beatles and then find also Lennon, McCartney, Wings etc. To me, the option to create a FILE UNDER connection seems to be pretty straightforward and would not interfere with anything else going on in Roon. If you don’t use it, you won’t notice it’s there. But for those wishing to use it, like I do, it would be a highly appreciated feature.

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