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I have downloaded from All Grateful Dead Debut Songs ('65-'96) by Eyesoftheworld94, it is 162 files as VBR MP3 they are in a ‘zip’ file in ‘FINDER’ on my Mac Mini and also individually under ‘downloads’ in ‘FINDER’.

Is there any way anyone knows of to easily transfer those 162 songs to a playlist in my Roon library or iTunes library or to TIDAL or Qobuz where I have hundreds of self-made playlists.

Thanks bobbmd

Hi, first you need to get Roon to see those tracks …

Create a folder for them within your Roon watched folder and then copy over all the individual files to it.

I doubt Roon will pickup all the metadata for them, so you may have to select “use file metadata”, but you may be lucky.

Once ingested into Roon check if you’re happy with how Roon displays the tracks … if not use the editing and grouping tools in Roon till you get what you looking for.

I assume you would like all these tracks held under one album in Roon.

Once done, you can create playlists lists etc. as normal.

@Carl thank you for quick reply I will try that- metadata is not that impt as date and place those songs were played are on those files and yes it would be nice as one album or playlist-- just hope i have enough patience and expertise to do this.
thanks for quick reply and suggestion BTW just love ver 1.7 and happy holidays and new year bobbmd

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I did it!! I have a folder now that says those 162 songs are there BUT… how do I get to them to show up or access them?

That flywheel in upper right corner is going round and round do i have to wait until it stops reanalyzing my library? When it does stop where do you think I might find them?

This is not an emergency it’s Christmas Eve so if you want to wait until after Christmas that is fine
hope Santa is good to you!

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Did it again … I am so proud of myself and it was easy went to focus chose live MP3 Grateful Dead and viola up they came (multiple xs!!) focused on 3900 tracks out of 100000+!! Oh well I don’t care but it really has all original first time preformed songs ie Casey Jones was oct 1969 in Central Park NYC.

And if you click the empty album cover a neat picture comes up of Jerry, the Dead and some woman on stage during the performance same pic for Bertha 2/18/71 at the Capitol Theater.

And even tho it’s all ‘low quality’ really sounds decent on my system --Schiit Ragnarok 2 (just the amp) and Schiit Yggdrasil GS with Legacy Audio Studio HD Monitors and the amp is quite a schiitload of headphone amp with my Sennheiser RS-195.

Thanks so much for all the help.

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Hi Bob, you’re very welcome … I just pointed you in the right direction … the rest (that you can rightly be proud of) was down to you working the problem. Well done.

Have a great Christmas,
(who’s sneaking a look on the forum whilst my wife out the room :wink: )

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Thank you again and I miss typed Casey Jones was actually June 22nd 1969 in Central Park NYC and I had just graduated from St Lawrence University(OMG) awaiting for my time in the USN and USMC(so much for long hair and facial hair until Admiral Zumwalt said we could but… NO WAY said my Guney Sgt even you Navy guys officers or not!!