Files load slowly? [Resolved - Driver updated]

I’m using Roon on a Dell laptop with i5 processor, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD. When I try to play a file, Roon starts and plays a few seconds, then stops and displays a message that the file is loading slowly. Then it jumps to the next file and repeats the sequence described above. I first tried it with files stored on a USB drive plugged into the computer, then with files loaded onto the SSD. Same problem occurs no matter where files are located. I don’t know how the files could load faster than from an SSD!. What’s the problem? If it matters, I’m using a PS Audio Directstream DAC with Huron operating system.

Is it the same if you use the pc as the endpoint?

If your endpoint is via WIFI then this could be the issue. Typically this a network type issue either for the music source or the destination endpoint. i
It could also be the CPU if you are doing any DSP functions like up sampling or etc. What i5 model is it? How old is the laptop too?

No WiFi–USB. No DSP. i5-3320M 2.60 GHz. It’s a refurbished unit, new to me. I’ve been using it as a Roon server, where it worked splendidly, but when I connected it directly to the DAC via USB cable, I started getting the messages that the file is loading slowly and then skipping to the next file.

Using the PC as the endpoint? Don’t understand–I thought the DAC was the endpoint. PC is connected to DAC via USB.

Lets see if @support can shed some ideas to look at.

Hi @vforrest ---- Thank you for the report, the feedback is appreciated!

I have to agree with @Ratbert’s suggestion in his post (:thumbsup:):

“Is it the same if you use the pc as the endpoint?”

What is being suggested, is to temporarily bypass the use of your DAC and just play out of the internal speakers of the Dell laptop to confirm if you are seeing the same “track jumping” behavior.


OK, I get it. Wow, it plays fine through the computer speakers. What does that tell me? Driver problem? I’m using the driver in Windows 10 Creator Version.

Ha! That did it. I downloaded the driver for my DAC from the manufacturer and installed it. Now Roon works great. Does Roon have any other documented incompatibilities with the Windows 10 Creator Update Class 2 USB driver?