Files marked as corrupt if scan is attempted while file is being copied to the Storage Location

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10/Core i7-5550U@2.0 GHz/8GB RAM/120 GB SSD/Roon Version 1.6 (Build 416) satable (64 bit)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Trendnet Unmanaged Gigabit switch / Synology DS718+ NAS for storage

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue

When I start copying files to my NAS, I can see that the Roon core starts scanning those files immediately, even while files are still copying. Frequently, several songs in an album won’t get scanned because those files are locked while Roon is trying to scan them. This isn’t a huge issue because the periodic scan seems to add them in later.

The problem is that a smaller percentage of these files will be marked as corrupt because they were in the process of being copied. They will be listed in the “Skipped Files” list as “corrupt”, even though they are not.

If I go to Storage, select the Location (the share on my NAS), click Edit and click Save (without making any changes), those Skipped files are successfully scanned and included in the database.

This means I need to periodically monitor the Skipped Files list and force them to get rescanned. It appears that once a file is marked as bad Roon won’t bother retrying them on subsequent scans. Doing a “Refresh” on the Skipped Files screen doesn’t try to rescan them, either. I have to force a refresh by making an empty edit on the Storage.

Stop your roon core while copying files to your library drive location…easy fixed.

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I’ve commented on this before and imho Roon should handle this better.

I’ve suggested that the Core employ a technique to confirm that all the files in a given folder are are stable (ie file copy complete) plus waiting for a short period of time to catch any additional files that might not have started transfering yet (to help to ensure the whole album has been copied over).

An option to disable realtime monitoring for NAS might help.

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Pretty annoying solution when my favorite thing to do while ripping and importing CDs is listening to music. :expressionless:

I have a Plex server scanning that same directory and it never misses files or marks them as corrupt. This definitely could be handled better.

Yes it’s annoying but you can rip and probably should rip to a non roon watched folder first, then bulk copy when it’s all done to the watched location…stopping the roon server during the copy time. Just as Roon doesn’t backup the database while you are playing, some things are best done during roon down time. This has the added benefit of being able to do some checking of your rips and tags before committing to their final destination.

I don’t rip to the Roon watched folder. I rip locally, tag with MusicBrainz and do a final verification with a tag editor before moving the folder over to the NAS.

If adding music is best done during Roon down time, then why on earth is it continuously monitoring folders? This is a defect. The scanning process should at least do a retry of skipped files before permanently marking them as corrupt.

Your workaround of halting the server every time I copy some files over is much worse than occasionally forcing a rescan by editing the storage location.

I’m not saying Roon isn’t at fault here for the way it’s working. Just offering a safe work around.

I’m sure someone from support will chime in in due course.

Hi @Mike_deCock,

I’ve passed your report along to the technical team for investigation. We appreciate the feedback here!


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