Files Missing Problem persists

This is not the first time I write about this. Many of my albums are not showing up. Sometimes the entire album is missing, sometimes just a track. I submitted the track to ROON but build after build, the problem is still not fixed. I already paid for the Life membership because I was counting on ROON team to tackle these basic issues related to the scanner but it is starting to get frustrating.

Hi @wslam – thanks for checking in, and apologies for the slow progress on this issue.

I understand your frustration, and want to be clear that this isn’t being ignored. The issue is logged in our bug tracker and the work is scheduled for the near future – I’m optimistic we’ll have good news soon. Also note that feedback like this influences our priorities every day, so thanks again for letting us know.

We have files from a few users and have a broad sense of what’s going on here, but a little more investigation is needed to fully understand the scope of the work involved in getting this issue addressed. Hopefully the investigation and the fix are quick, but I don’t have an exact timeline yet.

For now, expect an update on this early next week, and thanks again for your patience – we’re aware of how important this issue is, and look forward to getting this resolved soon. Thanks!

Build 30, issue remains!

Hi @wslam – we’re hoping to have some progress on this issue for our next release, although I can’t commit to a date for that release quite yet.

We have a few users waiting on this same fix and it’s definitely a priority for us, so thanks again for your patience!