Files not loaded as marked "corrupt" while they can be normally played in Foobar 2000

Core Machine

Grimm Audio Mu1, Linux, 1TB internal SSD, 4TB USB SSD, latest Roon version

Network Details

UPS router, GB switch, Ethernet connected

Audio Devices

Grimm Audio Mu1 + Grimm Audio LS1

Library Size

3TB music, 10000 tracks, mainly SSD

Description of Issue

A few days ago I have connected the new external 4TB SSD which was filled with mainly SSD Albums. Most of the albums were recognized welll but some had problems, which again mostly could be solved as they were double disk albums that were renumbered.

Now three problems remain:

1: Two albums had corrupt files (empty, 0bit). I replaced these by the right files but Roon is not able to load them and they are all again marked as corrupt, while I can play them from the same SSD on another computer with Foobar 2000.

2: Two albums consisting of 2 disks where the tracks on second disk were renumbered were not recognised well. One was not visible at all and the other was visible but not identifiable by Roon. I then decided to split these in two separate folders with different names (Disk 1 and Disk 2) and renumber the second disk. I intended to merge them in Roon but now Roon immediately recognised and identified the first disks, while the second disk is not visible (also not under Focus) so I cannot join them with the first disk.

3: Two albums, one with DXD coding and one with Multichannel FLAC 96kHz, that were stored in a different folder on the USB SSD were not loaded. When I moved these to the internal SSD they were immediately recognised and identified.


Hello @Rob_m_Schmidt,

I am very sorry we missed on your post for this long. Please, accept my apology :pleading_face:

Thanks for describing so clearly the issues that remained after importing your music in Roon. I was wondering, are the 3 numbered items still a problem?

If so, I’d love to loop in our technical team so they can make suggestions on the next steps. Would you please let me know? :pray:

yes, they are still a problem. Even more so. If I add any new file to de external SSD it is not recognized while all other (previously loaded) files (total 2.7 TB) are recognized without any problem, with the exception of the split files of course as they were added later.

If I look into “settings” “storage”, and select “edit” of the external drive it shows the map with the new files but tells that this map is empty. While it isn’t.
As there are two possible causes, the OS or Roon itself, I will have the Hardware checked at the factory next week. I propose that we first check the hardware before asking the technical team of Roon. As soon as that is done I’ll report here.

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