Files play in iTunes/Apple Music but not in Roon

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I have two files from the 24bit/192kHz version of Pink Floyd’s More that play as AIFF in iTunes (or Apple Music) but not in Roon. The files in question are Main Theme and Ibiza Bar. Main Theme skips after a few seconds while Ibiza Bar doesn’t play at all.
I imported them in Audacity and exported them in every possible format … nothing works.
Any clues?

Hey @sw72, sorry we couldn’t get back to you sooner! Are there any error messages when you try to play these files?

If you could reproduce the issue again and note the local time and date, I’ll enable diagnostics and see if we can find anything.

Hey Kevin
Thanks for getting back to me!
I tried again at 9.50 pm CET (2021-11-27)
The same outcome: Main Theme skipps immediately and Ibiza Bar doesn‘t play at all and no light in the playing bar. No error messages at all. I did a video at the same time that I could send to you.
Kind regards

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