Filesystem not available to RoonServer

I am having the same issue, the while “/” filesystem seems not to be available to roonserver, this is an excerpt from my log:

02/10 01:03:55 Debug: [broker/locations/migration] start, propname: location_automounts
02/10 01:03:55 Debug: [broker/locations/migration] start, propname: loc_60059182d0604461b8d897235a1c3a35
02/10 01:03:55 Debug: [broker/locations] Migrating UUID based storage location, id: loc_60059182d0604461b8d897235a1c3a35, version: 2
02/10 01:03:55 Debug: [broker/locations] load pre 1.3 automounts, strlist:
02/10 01:03:55 Info: [broker/locations/directorystoragelocation] initializing FileBrowser.Entry: / : /music, drive availability is: False
02/10 01:03:55 Info: [broker/locations/directorystoragelocation] drive is not available so disposing resources (if they exist): FileBrowser.Entry: / : /music
02/10 01:03:55 Info: [broker/locations] storage location backend (Folder:Name=:Location=FileBrowser.Entry: / : /music:Id=60059182-d060-4461-b8d8-97235a1c3a35) offline reason changed to: DriveNotReady
02/10 01:03:55 Info: [broker/locations/directorystoragelocation] we’d like to keep this volume mounted: LINUXROOT
02/10 01:03:55 Info: [broker/locations] created enabled location, FileBrowser.Entry: / : /music
02/10 01:03:55 Info: [broker/locations] adding storage location: Folder:Name=:Location=FileBrowser.Entry: / : /music:Id=60059182-d060-4461-b8d8-97235a1c3a35
02/10 01:03:55 Debug: [broker/locations] write pre 1.3 automounts, strlist:

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So we can better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

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