Filetag EAN UPC ISRC vs. Credits / Release Info

I want to file tag my albums with a unique identifier for the appropiate releases. This identifier could be EAN, UPC, ISRC etc.

In one of the topics I read, that the tag “PRODUCTCODE” could be used. I tried “PRODUCT”, “PRODUCT CODE”, “PRODUCTCODE” but roon’s shown release info’s (in credits) are different to the used file tag.

After playing around I found that file tag “UPC” does the thing. What is tagged with UPC is shown as “Product” under release infos.

Question here: Is the use of UPC the recommended way to handle my request or should I use an different file tag as UPC should by used only for UPC and not for EAN etc.

Thanks for your Reply, RalfG

Please read this older thread: Product Code meta tags

Also and as always with file metadata, “File or Roon or Edit” means your file data gets overwritten should the metadata provider actually provide data for that field unless the field gets fixed to “Prefer file” (Import Settings). Abusing metadata fields to provide content other than the one indicated by it’s name is always at the users risk – what works now, might brake at any time in the future.

Back when I was ripping all my CDs, I started using “Barcode” over the use of UPC or EAN because it can include both, opposed to having to use separate tags depending on if you are using a 12-digit UPC or 13- digit EAN. The only difference is that a UPC is 12 digits because it drops the leading zero from the 13-digit EAN so I it was easier to use “Barcode”. Roon also recognizes Barcode and applies it as the Product Code.

ISRC codes are track identifiers while the UPC/EAN applies to the whole album. Each track on an album has a different ISRC code, so they would not work well for album identifiers. Most of my tracks have ISRC codes already tagged when I purchase an album so I leave them, but they don’t show up in Roon.

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thanks @AnimalOnDrums, that helps

thanks @BlackJack for your reply.

I’ve read that thread before also the description of the meta data model, which says under headline ALBUM, that field “Product Code text File or Roon or Edit ISRC, UPC, ASIN, etc.” could be used.
I tried PRODUCTCODE, PRODUCT CODE, PRODUCT - wrong classification is shown unter credits / release information. my import settings for “product code” is “prefer file”.
This is the reason for that topic here …

oh good, I am glad! Feel free to reach out anytime if you have other question :grinning:

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