Fill in library with sub genres

I am fairly new to Roon, and I’m just starting to explore everything that the metadata database allows us to do.

I like that Roon allows you to “fill in” your library with collections from Tidal. I’ve allowed Roon to import all its recommended selections from the “Classic Rock” and “Blues & Folk” collections, for instance. However, these collections are so broad. I really didn’t want Kiss Alive! in my collection, but there it is :wink: I know these can be deleted.

I also like that I can explore my collection by Genre, and, even better, sub-genre. I think it would be great if Roon allowed you to “fill in” your library based strictly on a given sub-genre. For instance, I’m a big fan of Americana, and progressive country, but am not interested in contemporary radio country. If I chose to “fill in” my collection with the “Country” collection from Tidal, I would no doubt get a lot of stuff I am not interested in. Also, I wouldn’t get enough of the more specified country that I really like.

It’d be great if I could go: Genres -> Country -> Sub genres -> Americana -> “Jump Start your Library/View Collections”

Or, at least, if I explored a sub genre, it wouldn’t just show stuff already in my collection, but related stuff from Tidal as well.

Alternatively, you can go to the Tidal page, choose Genres, Choose Americana, sample albums and add them to your library if you like them. The Genre page under Tidal is a lot of sub-genre specific than the Library JumpStart.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely try that. So far, I have been exploring artists that come up as similiar to albums that I already have in my collection. I’ve found a lot of potentially interesting stuff that way too.

The main reason I want to “fill in” my collection is because the radio function in Roon only works with stuff that has been added to your collection. So, I’m adding a lot of stuff to my collection before even sampling it, so I can use the radio function for music discovery.