Filter albums by source to avoid duplicates [Supported]

I am a user of Qobuz but also have a number of albums on my home server. For many of my albums, my local version may be of higher quality than what is on Qobuz. It would be nice to have either/both of the following options:

  • View albums by source as a filter (ex. Qobuz v. local)
  • Stack albums: only show one entry for an album that might be in both my local library and my Qobuz library, and then choose which is shown by default (I know this is similar to “Versions” when looking at an album).

This would make it so duplicates aren’t shown. FWIW, I have duplicates because it is a work-around to get some of my albums on my phone until their is sync for Roon :slight_smile:

You can go to the artist page where you can see both versions of the same album, right click on both to select them, click on three dots and then Edit, Album Options, Group Alternate Versions. That will join two (or more) versions of the same album.

@gmit2 thanks so much for the tip! that took care of it perfectly.

You asked for both, so…
In the albums browser, use Focus > Inspector > Storage Locations and select Qobuz Library.
Having done that, you can bookmark the result for ease of use in the future (it will be dynamic so will change as you add albums)

@BrianW Thanks! That’s a great tip too :smiley:

Don’t forget you can choose which version in the stack is the primary version (ie top of the stack)

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