Filter artists by album tags [possible in 1.3]

I want to be able to add a custom tag to an an album, and then be able to filter Artists that have albums with that particular tag.


  1. I have 10,000+ albums in my collection. Allot of it is crap from my younger years.
  2. I want to be able to tag the good albums. Be that sound quality, guilty pleasure or what ever.
  3. I want to apply that filter at the artists. I only want to see artists with albums with the above tags, and only show the albums under that artist that have that tag applied.

Make any sense? Is there a way to do that now outside of moving stuff into a separate folder?

One more thing:

I’d like to be able to tag a single disc of an album and have it filter up as well.

Example: Neil Young BR box set, I love the “Live at Massey Hall” disc. I’d like that one disc to show up under my filtered artists not the whole box set.

I know this one is a stretch but still would be nice.

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Hiya Jeff,

Can’t you do what you want with a combo of the Tags and Focus. Lets say I put my own “live” tag on 200 albums, I can then either, go to albums, click the tag button select live and then have all the live albums, then select focus and type in Elton John which will give me only EJ live albums or do it the other way, use focus to select all the Elton John albums and then use the tag button to select my “live” tag. Either way give you the same search/filter results.

I want to browse all artists that have one or more albums I’ve tagged as a well mastered.

You are suggesting I find an album that is well mastered and then see any other albums for that particular artist that are also well mastered. Not what I want to do.

When I decide what to play, I like to start with artists. When you have 1000s of albums tagged as well mastered it takes a while to browse through them all to find something, I want the filter to go up one more level to artists. It’s natural for me to find who I want to listen to and then what.

+1 for me



Indeed the “focus” for artists is very scant compared to albums.

This does seem a sensible and useful addition.


Any chance the relationship between artists and albums is going to be enhanced to further expand the filtering allowed on artists?

@joel, @mike Any comment on this?

Some more examples:

List of artists in my collection that released albums in 1970 or the 1970s.
List of artists in my collection that have DSD, 24/192 and or 24/96 content.
List of artists in my collection that have MFSL & Audio Fidelity releases.


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Any news about this request?

in 1.3, you can do this:

  1. tag albums with your tag
  2. view album browser and focus on that tag
  3. create smart tag of that focused view

now, whenever you want this artist view of albums tagged a certain way, go to the above created smart tag and view the artist page

you can bookmark that view for quick access

Thank you!
Can’t wait to see all the new features (the big and the small ones) in 1.3!! :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s not what I want to do.

I want to go into artists and filter my artist list on DSD albums. I have a massive music collection, it’s way more browsable if I start at artists instead of a massive list of albums sorted by artists.

If step 2) was go into artist browser and focus on album tag I would be happy.

if we allowed all filtration of all types on all other types, the focus popup would be like 8 screens large. That is not acceptable.

the smart tag route in 1.3 is our way of saying “i want to filter on albums, but i want to see artists”

I guess I’ll have to see what this smart tag is about and then hold judgement. I don’t know if I understand it as you describe it.

I just tried this out. A couple comments:

  1. It was a little slow to view my 1000 or so albums with a certain tag by Artist. It took 10-15 seconds.
  2. Once it did show the artists I was sad to see that drilling into an artist lists all albums again, I was expecting/hoping just the originally filtered albums would be shown.

I’m sad to say that I’m disappointed too.
I tagged as “CD” nearly 4000 album.
When I select in tags “CD” they show very quickly but when I choose All artists

  1. it took a long time to show artists (at least a couple of minutes)
  2. it shows only artists that have album tagged as CD but it counts all the albums (for example if I have 3 albums of an artist and only 2 tagged as CD it shows 3) and when I entered the artist page it shows all the albums non only the tagged ones.

It would be enough for me to have the possibility to view tagged album grouped by artist.

Any news about this request?

Thank you