Filter available albums in Tidal for 1 artist?


I am new to Roon and I am learning how to use it step by step.

Here is my question :

  • is it possible to only show available albums in Tidal for 1 artist ?

For example I am searching for Django Reinhardt :

  • I first see what’s in my library
  • then I see what’s available in both streaming services Tidal and Qobuz
  • but I don’t see a way to filter only on Tidal or Only on Qobuz (except for the little icon available on the album cover).

So is there a way to filter only on Tidal or on Qobuz ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Serge

Depending on what exactly you are looking for there are basically 3 possible responses.

  1. If you are looking to view all Qobuz (/Tidal) albums of an artist, independently if already some albums are added in your Roon library?
    This will not be possible in Roon, as far as I can figure out (at least for Qobuz, but Tidal is probably the same)
    You will need to use the Qobuz (/Tidal) app/website for that.

  2. If you are looking to view all Qobuz (/Tidal) albums of an artist, not made part of your Roon library, if already some albums are added in your Roon library?
    Then you should not use ‘filter’, but use search for your artist.
    In the search result you select the Artist, which will result in a long page, starting with
    a) Top tracks
    b) Main albums - these are all the albums of this artist in you Roon library (independent if they are stored locally or from streaming service (Qobuz/Tidal)
    c) Appearances
    d) Qobuz (/ Tidal) Main Albums - these are the full albums available on Qobuz (/Tidal) not (yet) in your library.

    e) Qobuz (/Tidal) Singles and EP’s - these are the singles/EP’s available on Qobuz (/Tidal) not yet in your library.

  3. If you are looking to view only Qobuz (/Tidal) albums of an artist, added into your Roon library,
    This is very simple to accomplish, following these steps. Rest assured, you will only need to do those 1 time.

  • Go to Album view (assuming you are looking for albums of course)
  • Click on Focus on top of the screen
  • At the bottom right of the screen, click on the arrow in the blue circle

-At the bottom right, click on Inspector

Click 1 or 2 times on the white banner on top of the screen in order to return to normal Album view, albeit for your Qobuz (/Tidal) albums only.

Now comes the most important (and genius) step of all.
Click on the Bookmarks symbol right on top of your screen.

Click on Add Bookmark

Type in the name of your new bookmark, e.g. Qobuz Library (/Tidal Library) and click on Save

Your new bookmark will be added at the bottom of your bookmark list.

From now on, you just select your Qobuz Library bookmark (Tidal Library bookmark) and you will be brought immediately to your Qobuz / Tidal only album library.
And all Qobuz (/Tidal) albums you add to your library in the future, will automatically show up next time you select your Qobuz Library bookmark.

And now you can use filter to search for the artist you want. In my example, I searched for Eric Clapton (as I had no Django Reinhardt albums in my library yet)

As you notice, only 11 Qobuz albums which are iin my library, whilst I have another 17 albums in my ‘local’ library.

I hope this answers your question.
And if overlooked something, I always happy to be corrected and learn from it


Good explanation

OR, instead of Storage, I think the better option is to click on Format, and then Choose Qobuz or Tidal as desired, and then continue on.

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