Filter files according to quality[Answered]

Dear Roon Team!

Happy user of Roon since yesterday! I have a question:

Is it possible to let Roon filter the library and just display FLAC and leave MP3 out or the other way round?

Because all Albums (sometimes 3 of them get shown) are shown and Roon does not automatically choose the FLAC album as primary one.

Thank you and best regards from Vienna,


If you browse to any of the items under Library, such as Artists, Albums or Tracks, you used to be able to do it in there. However, I’ve just tried it and it appears the feature has been removed, or I have a bug. Maybe someone else can comment if they’re seeing the behaviour.

There used to be an item called "format’ if memory servces, which you could select MP3, FLAC etc. It was quite good.

Try focus. Format is there.

Browse albums, select Focus and you’ll find the options you’re looking for.

Thank you all!!! I will look into it after work :slight_smile: can’t wait actually :slight_smile:

Hi Armin

You can click on versions and make the one you like primary so that the next time you search for that special album will come up first.

Thanks again that sounds very good, happy i bought a lifetime license :slight_smile: Roon is constantly growing on me

Yes, roon is awesome :sunglasses:

I use it for over a year now and I still am only scratching on the surface regarding the possibilities roon offers :blush:

Maybe my best spent 450$ for music/HiFi ever :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the tip with the focus settings these have amazing filter options with inverting them with just one tap i REALLY love it!!!

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Armin, you know that you can save those filtering actions as favorites or you can save them as dynamic playlists?

Not really but now and how please?

Klick on the heart Icon to make it a favorite or on the three dots for more options.
This is a shot into the forest because I don’t have Access to roon atm. But it should work like this or similarly…

Just bookmark them.

THANKS!!! guys

This should be MUCH easier for such a premium product. Settings > sort by quality or similar.

Make a feature request of this then?

Roon does read every request.

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