Filter/focus by “Live” in Discography view

Anybody know of a way to do this currently without using the Album/Tracks browser?

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Edit: Is there a way to access the Album/Tracks browser from within the iPhone remote app?

Search for artist, select discography, filter on “Live”

I haven’t had a chance to check with iPhone.

Hey Paul, thanks for that. I tried that earlier, but it seems to work only if live is in the album name. For example, an artist I really like, Snarky Puppy, has 15 main albums in my library (from Qobuz). Eight of those are live, but only 3 have the word “Live” in the album title.

Filtering like this also works appears to work the same way in the iPhone remote app.

I’ve had a play around but that’s the only way I can find. Maybe it’s worth submitting a feature request to get that option added to Focus? I’m guessing there’s more meta-data fields that identify live performances so it shouldn’t be too difficult to include (if sufficient people want it).

You can add a feature request here but, don’t hold your breath…:wink:

Hi @kitated I have most of Snarky Puppy in my library and found all 8 live albums as follows:

Select Albums
Filter by Snarky Puppy
Focus search by Live

I did this search on my iPhone. Result is all 8 live albums appear in results as follows

You may want to check that you also have “Show Live Badge” checked under Settings/General/Browsing Preferences/Customize Album Dusplay

The OP wanted to avoid using Albums/Tracks browser (for reasons unknown)…

Cheers for that. Did miss that point, however I also pointed out that if he had the Live Badge turned on it would show on the albums.

And without explicit instructions to him, that shows on the artist page, under Overview, which is the tab beside Discography. In the section “Albums in my Library” he could have counted all 8 albums with the lovely red bullseye dot.

Although not an option I need, if roon can identify a live album and place an icon on the album art you would think there would be a focus option to select the live albums as well :thinking:

Thanks so much for your input. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back to this until now. I’ve been using Roon for only a few weeks, so thanks for trying to help me figure this out.

I feel I’ve only confused the issue by the way I’ve described things in this post. So let me offer some additional comments.

The main thing I am looking for is a way to quickly focus on just live albums when I’m in the Discography view for an artist. I’m a big fan of live performances, and I’m really enjoying using Roon to explore artist catalogues in greater depth, in particular by listening to live albums/tracks I’ve never heard before, i.e., things that are not already in my library.

I was already using the Live badge to quickly find live albums, and was already aware when browsing My Albums or My Tracks you can select “Live” under Focus, which appears to use the same “Live” metadata field as the badge. As you’re probably aware, this metadata can be found and modified if needed by using the Album Editor. Here’s a screenshot for one of the Snarky Puppy live albums:

For the live albums I’ve manually added to Roon, I make sure I’ve properly edited this field so the album will show the “Live” badge and appear in Focused searches.

So while it’s great that we can already easily sort our existing library for albums/tracks designated as “Live” using this metadata field, I would like to be able to do the same for an artist’s entire discography that I’m able to access through one of the streaming services like Qobuz.

Maybe there’s some technical reason why “Live” can’t be added to the list of available Focus criteria when you’re in Discography view, but to me it seems like it should be relatively straightforward and trivial to add. To me it’s an oversight, but it’s really only applicable for people that use a streaming service that will show you the artist’s available catalogue to select from.

Btw, I am actually only showing 7 of the 15 main Snarky Puppy albums on Qobuz as “Live”, of which I’ve only put 6 in my library since I haven’t listened to “Tell Your Friends” yet. The latest release, “Empire Central”, is another live album I believe, but it’s not designated that way for me:

I’m assuming that album is showing as “Live” for you and accounts for the difference.

Edit: here’s a screenshot of my Snarky Puppy discography view for comparison. I had to cut off part of the top row so I could show the badges for the albums on the bottom row:


Thanks so much for your input. See the comment I just made in a reply to @Fergus_B.

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Cheers. Thanks for the reply. Yes, sometimes we have to play around a bit to try and get what we want from the program, and as long as it doesn’t send us crazy all good.

Interesting to see some subtle differences. I’ve only got 6 Live in Discography as for some reason Family Dinner Vol 1 is just not available for me on Roon or Qobuz.

Empire Central is not designated as Live, although I believe you are correct in assumption that it possibly should be.

The reason I have 8 Live showing in Albums is that I have 2 Local Copies that I have purchased, which along with my no show of Family Dinner Vol 1 explains our discrepancies.

Enjoy the music.

I just edited the metadata for Empire Central so it will now show as Live in my library.

I’m in the U.S., and I think you’re in Australia based on your iPhone screenshot in an earlier comment, so it’s probably a licensing issue, which is one of the frustrations of dealing with the streaming services.

Family Dinner Vol 1 is a good one. You should find it somewhere and give it a listen. There’s also a “Snarky Puppy with Special Guests - Live at Estival Jazz Lugano” video (in Dolby Digital 5.1) out there that was released in 2014 that’s worth watching. Many of the same performers/vocalists on the album, like N’Dambi, Shayna Steele, Malika Tirolien, and Magda Giannikou, are on the video.


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Thanks. I’ll try and have a look at those.

Have you listened to Bill Laurance’s Live Albums? Live at Ronnie Scott’s and Live at Union Chapel. Both excellent.

I have not. Just added both to my library and will give them a listen later today. Thank you.

I see a couple of other live albums in Laurance’s Qobuz catalogue as well … “Live at Philharmonie, Cologne” (2019) and “Live at EFG London Jazz Festival” (2021). Have you listened to those? The metadata for “Live at EFG” is incorrect and doesn’t flag it as Live.

If you’d like some help with sourcing the SP Family Dinner Vol 1 album and/or the Live at Estival Jazz Lugano video then let me know.

@kitated No for some reason (of which I have no idea what it is​:joy::joy: other than listening or trying to listen to too much music) I had not added or listened to the other Bill Laurence albums but note I have played both of the other two about 3 times in the last few months. Added just now and will listen asap.
I’ll let you know if I have no luck with Fam Dinner and the video. Thanks for the offer.

@kitated Some of the Videos are on YouTube. Found Family Dinner Vol 1 on both my Tidal and Amazon Music. I just don’t use them a great deal, but playing by Bluetooth to my Matrix Mini-i Pro 3 now.
I believe that I have listened to it previously as the first few songs with Chantee Cann, Shayna Steel and N’Dambi are familiar.
Possibly had the album available on Tidal, however I cancelled my subscription to them a few weeks ago and transferred most of what I had on Tidal to Qobuz by using Soundiiz.
It was obviously a casualty of that transfer and not being available on Qobuz. Eva Cassidy Live was unfortunately another that was not on Qobuz. I’m sure i will find more over the coming weeks/months.

Another of my favorite albums.

I’m not sure if you have a setup where you can appreciate surround sound, but the SP 2014 Estival Jazz Lugano concert video I’m familiar with has Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. As you’re probably aware, the best audio you’re going to hear from a YT video is generally 2 channel, 128 kbps AAC.

I have a home theater setup, so I like to turn up the volume and pretend I’m there on the front row. :wink:

Here’s a link to the a YT vid of “Sleeper” from that 2014 concert with Shaun Martin doing a great job on the talkbox.