Filter in playlists Android


Im looking for a filter function in the playlists in the Roon Android app.

I can’t beleive this wouldn’t be possible? I want to play tracks from a specific artist or album, can’t seem to be able to?


Not in playlists. The Roon team doesn’t understand playlists. Waiting for the basics since 2015.

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I dont know what you are missing here. When I open a playlist I have the Track, Artist and Album Menue on top and to the right is always a little funnel symbol where i can Filter for a specific artist within that playlist.
So all good and fine for me on an Android Tab.

On a mobile client? Or on a tablet…

On phone you don’t get any choice of filtering it’s a pain same for tracks view which as the main apps one is made up of lots of different filters but could be adapted I am sure.

Yes, I think that this is a “UI choice”. Roon has decided that a phone is too small to pack in all the capabilities of a larger remote. I personally think they’re right, others will disagree. So it’s not 2015, it’s just that you have to have the right device for the right job, and you have to remember. I have lots of applications that are like this - but but but I get the frustration.

No it’s on the almum view, fits just fine.
Thinking of not getting the lifetime after my trial that ends on Tuesday…

I’m confused as to exactly it is that you want to do. Why do you need to filter a playlist to play a specific track or album?

Let’s say I want to play all Red Hot tracks in a playlist with 740 tracks… There is no way to find them without filtering. And… I can filter in albums for instance. Not in playlists for some reason…