Filter, modulator and output format displayed in signal path?

When using HQP to upsample: Filter, modulator and output format are displayed in signal path (see below).
Would like same infos displayed (+ eventually gain adjustment) when using Roon DSP engine sample rate conversion. Current signal path is quite detailed but some infos are missing.
Thank you

Agreed - and what would be especially useful is to be able to quickly open the dialog to change parameters, if desired, from the signal chain graphic. I know you can’t do it in the current interface, yet I feel you should be able to, so I try it at least twice a day!

Me too. Not my top priority, but it’s ironic that Roon pulls more info from HQP than it does from itself.

Also, +1 on what @jhwalker suggests.

Sure !
So filer / modulator / output format / gain adjustment and ability to quickly change settings via a direct link.

Any acknowledgment from Roon about possible signal path display enhancement ?