Filter (not search) not complete/reliable/predictable

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Generic PC, I9-9900K, 32GB, Windows 10

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Number of Tracks in Library

200K tracks

Description of Issue

This is the fifth of many bug reports I can offer. I am a lifetime subscriber with a large library of mostly commercial recordings loaded into iTunes. I am in the process of cleaning up the import: identifying unidentified albums, sewing together broken up albums and box sets, etc. It’s a huge job, but it’s made needlessly difficult by bugs in Roon that I would like to request you fix.

This one may be hard to reproduce. I use the filter function (not search) to help me find parts of albums that need to be merged. For example, I can filter for an orchestra, a conductor, a composer, etc. This, plus sorting by artist and album name does a pretty good job at finding the pieces and placing them near each other for merging. Strangely, as I go through this process, filter discovers ADDITIONAL albums that meet the filter criteria, even though I have not changed the filter text. I am happy that it finds these, but surely this is a bug.

Please let me know if you need more information to reproduce this.

Thank you.

  • Ken

@Ken_Schwarz Can you provide an example with screenshots? That’ll help us better understand what might be going on!

Hey @Ken_Schwarz,

We’re happy to take a closer look at this if you can please drop some examples in a post for us.

Additionally, I removed Bug Report from the thread title to avoid confusion. If we determine that what you’re experiencing is in fact a bug then we’ll submit a ticket to the Dev team and indicate that a ticket is in on the problem in the thread header. Thanks.

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