Filter on both album and track picks?

If I browse by Albums, and then focus on “picks“, I can see a nice subset of my albums that are usually historic across various sub-genres. Awesome.

How can I then hone that subset of albums down just to _tracks _from those albums that are track “picks?”

That would be a nice sampling to be able to explore further.

Thank you.


I would use the track browser and filter from there.

But then you couldn’t from there filter by album picks. It’s like they’re separate databases without using the album the song is on as a relationship to connect the two. Would appear straightforward to link them. Thanks.

So, it appears there is no way to accomplish this currently? Could this feature be added?

I think this will work for you…

In album focus, select picks.
Select all albums
In selection box, 3 dots, pick add to tag, new tag, create one (album picks?), save

In tracks browser, choose tag album picks.
Focus on track picks.

You’ll have to tag new albums that are picks.


This is a really old thread, but I used this approach to play all Picks (songs) from 5 star jazz albums. I tend to add albums and not sample into them, so this is one approach. I am not sure if all of my 5 star albums actually have picks, but it gave me a nice assortment of 300+ tracks!