Filter on iPad showing different result to Core [Resolved]

When I search for and go to Queen on the iPad I see 40 albums:

When I do the same on my PC I see 52:

I have done ‘Re-Identify Album’ to one of them but no change…

Any ideas @Support please ?


@support will work … no upper case S :smiley:

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Do you have show duplicates set? It is under Settings > General

I don’t see the word ‘duplicates’ in Settings > General Ratbert, any chance of a screeshot ?

I have ‘Show Hidden’ on


Hidden was what I meant, my mistake, I would check both the pc and iPad are set the same.

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Thanks Ratbert, that fixed it, the iPad wasn’t set correctly. However I do not recall hiding those Queen albums… The only time I hide anything is if for example I have a FLAC and an MP3 version of the same music, I will in that case hide the MP3 files