Filter Question

I was looking for a specific album this morning, “The Living Tree” by Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman. Using the filter function I entered “The Living Tree” and got no result. I then typed “Living Tree” and it pulled up the album. Is that as designed or is that a bug?

If I look up “The One Thing” by Michael Bolton, typing “The One” brings up “The One” by Elton John but not “The One Thing” by Michael Bolton. Other articles seem to work okay like “A Hard Days Night” works fine. If I type “The Best” I get Bebo Best but no “the best of” albums. Mother Mother’s “O My Heart” works just fine. If I type “The Who” I get all of the Who albums and the Guess Who albums. If I type “The Who By Numbers” I get nothing. Weird.

So you mean the general search? Filters are a different thing and only work in library views. The search can be a bit hit and miss and does like exact spelling and naming, it is trawling through streaming services plus your own library so getting an exact match is not that easy. Just typing j " The One" is not enough to get an exact match to the song you want for the first hit. Imagine how many songs likely begin with or contain the phrase “The One”

Nope just filtering my library. I just use the “funnel” icon on the top right of the Album View which appears to be a shortcut to a focus on album titles and/or artist names using general text rather than the pre-defined focus functions such as Most Played, Genres, Format, etc. For example, if you focus on “Jazz” as genre the database will return all albums with a genre of jazz assigned. If you type “Jazz” in the filter box, it will return all albums with jazz in the album title or artist name regardless of genre.

Any search should return all possibilities. A search for “The One” should return all albums and/or artists with “The One” anywhere in the text. That would be consistent with what it seems intended to do. But it does not. So inconsistent, which is bad for a database.

Ok then that does sound a bit off.

Correction, when I type “The Who” I get all the Who albums including The Who by Numbers. If I continue to type as soon as I enter the “B” in By there are no results. If I continue to type, “The Who by Numbers” shows up as soon as I type the “S” in Numbers. Pretty odd.