Filter (search) issue

On the Playlist list, I have playlists named “1. Jazz / modern” or “1. Jazz / classic” to sort them in the order i want and group them. When i search in the filter on “1.” it says no results found. I am pretty sure this used to work but I can’t swear to it.

Hi @RobOK,

Can you please share some screenshots of the playlists and the filter output?

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Is it not repeatable for you? I did the screen shots but it seems pretty basic…

List of Playlists:

Filter works with the number…

Does not work once the period is added…

Thanks for any help!

Hi @RobOK,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that we created a ticket for our team to investigate this further. We appreciate the report!

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@dylan I assume you will test all special characters…

for example, I mark Tidal playlists with [T] and the square bracket does not work either.

@dylan Can you give me an update on this please. Very frustrating.

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