Filter songs on release date

Over the years I have collected a huge amount ( > 3000 songs) of individual songs, mainly top 40 music.
It’s easy to find a song when typing the title or performer but sometimes I just want to filter a specific year.
All the songs have in their metadata a release year. what would be the best way to filter out 1 year ?

I tried the option “numbers” but it doesn’t do a good job.
While that’s a scan the whole library per song the folder , the individual songs solder for 95% empty on the year while I know the metadata is available.

Any thought ?

Thanks Hans

You might try the focus function in album view and click on the year section. It seems to filter by original release date then.

You can then either drag the vertical lines to the years you want, click on the decade at the bottom, or use the + and - on either end to adjust the filter.

You can add more filters from there to refine the selection.

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Thanks for your reply,

This function works great for filtering on album level but unfortunately doesn’t go one layer deeper and filter on songs.

Does using focus from the track browser help?

Hey @Hans_Bogaert,

Like Carl mentioned, you can do that same type of focus in the Track browser.

You can use the years filter as seen below and have only tracks from the selected year be listed.

I hope this helps!


When I follow that path most of the songs are displayed without a release date.
I have added a few screenshots. ( sorry they are in dutch )

As you can see only 3 columns are blue indicating that the rest likely is without a date stamp
I have picked one song from 1988 the Christians - harvest for the world
In Roon it doesn’t display a date stamp while adding that song into a meta data analyser ( metadatics) it does have a date stamp included.


Thanks for the screenshots, @Hans_Bogaert.

May I also ask that you share a screenshot of Settings > Library > Import Settings? Specifically the album and track import settings.


See below the requested screenshots

Hey @Hans_Bogaert,

Would you mind sharing one of the albums that’s experiencing this behavior with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me PM containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.


Dylan, I have Send it to you



Let me know if you have received an email from me.
I replied via email instead of using this post to avoid that the dropbox link goes public.

The topic might be public but sharing music is not allowed.
Anyone who reads this topic and copy the link could download the music.



This is why Dylan asked you to send it via PM (private message).

To do the just click on his forum icon and select message.

Carl, thanks for your guidance.

Send it to Dylan one on one.

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