Filter Streaming service music by label

Filter Streaming service music by label

One annoyance of the Qobuz &Tidal offerings for jazz/classical fans is the proliferation of ‘out of copyright’ knockoffs of well known recordings. I would find it very useful to be able to filter streaming service music by label (or more specifically set of labels) of interest, so I can pick up versions on Blue Note/DG/Sony etc, while avoiding recordings on Knock-off records. Is that possible?



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I second this request. I am not picky. It can be via filter or by focus. When Qobuz has a discount special for a given label, I would love to be able filter/focus on a label for a given tag I call Desired. It would end up co$ting me more; however, it also would save me a significant amount of time/effort running up that co$t.

I found another way that works well for me: My Library > Albums > Focus > Labels, and make one or more selections. When I am in a purchase mode, I additionally select … > Focus > Format > Qobuz.