Filtering from within Focus does not return any results

Roon Core Machine

Macbook Pro 2015 model running MacOS Monterey; 2.7GHz Intel i5; 8G RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Nighthawk router connected via WiFi to Mac

Connected Audio Devices

Sony combination DAC/Amp for headphones, connected to MacBook via optical
Library on USB drive

Number of Tracks in Library

120,989 tracks in library

Description of Issue

In the “My Albums” view, when I expand the Focus bar, click “view more” under composers, and type in the name of a composer whose music is in my library (Bach), it reports “No items match ‘Bach’”

If I use the general filter under “My Albums” it returns the correct results.

I was about to post to confirm your findings, as follows:

However, after about five seconds, the following appeared:

This is a bug - insofar as the original message should say something along the lines of ‘Searching for …’ rather than ‘No items match …’ - but I’d suggest trying again and giving it a bit of time to complete the search.

Thanks! That worked. It takes about 5 seconds to give me “no results” and another 5 to correct itself and find results–but it does work.

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