FILTERING - Just search on Tidal, just search on NAS

Is there any option to search only for specific selection

ONLY search tidal
ONLY search tidal but only MQA
ONLY search on NAS

Could not find an option therefore

Focus- Format should fulfill your needs. Except for MQA maybe, I don’t know if that shows like other ‘formats’ as I do not have (and never will) a MQA album.


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It does indeed.

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Thank you - never heard of FOCUS
How to open FOCUS?

Oh, just found it - it is only avaliable under ALBUMS

Thank you - i will check it out

On the album screen click the Focus button as seen below;

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Cool - great
Thank you!

You’ll discover that Focus has different options depending on if you open it on the Albums page vs Artists, etc etc. Explore, Focus is one of the powerful tools that Roon has. Once you have focused on something, you can save this focus as a bookmark. this bookmark is dynamic so if new material that fits the focus is entered into your library it will be included in that bookmark!

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Great info - thank you

Seems to be one of the secret best tricks of roon :slight_smile:
Is there any link for best tricks with roon?
I just installed yesterday on macmini2012 and started today a test with synology Ds416play - 13 days left for testing…

Just ask if you have any questions. Better to get a basic feel and then expand than trying to get an info dump.

Welcome @ronny

Focus is great to find AND omit things. Experiment with it. It can be very useful.

Read the knowledge base
“Roon Labs Knowledge Base”

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Yes, thank you.

14 days is a rather short period to get all features - 14 days holiday would give the time therefore, maybe - but there are so many other things to do taking time …e.g. job, …

I really see your point. Roon is becoming overwhelming for new users, and 14 days will most probably not reveal the features you would love most after , let’s 1 year, of usage.
If you like what you see I recommend to make use of ( a couple of) monthly subscriptions - an opition that became available only recently.
That way, you can explore Roon indepth, and the members of the forum will be her to helpout.
It will cost you a little money, but that will actually help to keep focussed on your exploration.
All the best in your new musical adventure.

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