Filtering Search

I can’t figure out how to filter searches to either prioritize hi-res or eliminate anything that is not hi-res in search?

I don’t believe you can

The Focus tool allows for this but it can’t be applied to search AFAIK

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Agree, but I really don’t want to see low res tracks, so search filters would be nice, same for source but less important.

You may wish to promote this to a feature request with a vote (not sure how?) , Roon will not really notice a request here

Are you referring to generic search including streaming services (Qobuz / tidal) or do you mean searc’in My Library.
If you mean the later, you can Focus on highrez albums, and use Filter to search.

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I meant a generic search, all my libraries are CD quality but if there is a Hi-Res version of the same track I would rather listen to it (ok that is true on my main system, and some secondary) driving ie when using ARC it’s not important.