Final questions before plunging into lifetime subscription

Hi, @support,

As I am nearing the end of my trial, I just have some concerns that I want to see if I can have addressed.

Currently, as far as I can tell (and I could be wrong), my Roon Server periodically (frequently) checks with your Roon license server to ensure I have valid license.

Does this still happen if I buy the lifetime subscription? Here is my concern, and please don’t take offense, I am still under the grim shock of the OPPO collapse.

The concern is: if, God forbid, Roon ever goes out of business, will my Roon Server continue to work, or is it going to stop working because there is no more Roon license server to query? In my mind, the only impact at that point should be that I can no longer get any enhancements and improvements, but my Roon Server as a snapshot of what it was at that point should continue to work, forever. That would be my definition of “lifetime”.

Can you please confirm this for me?


Danny has answered this … What happens with the lifetime subscribers if the company folds or is sold.

This has been asked many times and the short answer is if it should happen down the road that there would be a final update that would render the software operable without the external dependency.

I’ll try and find the link but a search here in the community should pick it up easily…

Here it is…

OPPO didn’t collapse. They just decided to stop selling Blu-ray players. If I am not mistaken they still and will make cell phones. Also I never saw anything about the headphones.

Headphones are included in the notice posted in the oppo thread.

They killed the hifi section too…no more DAC’s or speakers (Sonica) or headphone amps/DAC’s like ha-1/2 either.

End of an era…sadly