Finally, all set up (just some quick appreciation)

Over the past week I’ve been, bit by bit, ripping my entire CD collection into my newly-arrived sonicTransporter AP i7. This is after trying Roon on just my MacBook Pro for a week or two. Along the way I’ve been checking in on this forum, getting answers, and generally liking the community vibe I’m finding here. But ripping CDs, here and there correcting and grooming metadata, etc., was a mostly-tedious process.

But now, that’s pretty much done. My (modest?) CD collection is now inside a small black box. And I’m finally kicking back and letting Roon serve my music up to me. Feels good already. Sounds even better (hey, dig those Audeze presets, right?).

Oh along the way I also sprung for the Lifetime Subscription. Felt good enough about the quality and attention seen in the product that I wanted to give it my support.

Anyway, this is just the very start of living with Roon for me, but I wanted to thank you all for the good community, and the Roon staff for quite an impressive product. I’m excited to see how it develops from here.

And now back to the Dio that’s currently blasting my ears. :slight_smile: :metal:


Welcome to the lifetimers club :smiley:

Watch that blasting…I regret doing that in my younger years now…but agree the Audeze stuff is nice!

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Hah! And my mates used to laugh at me back in the 80s when I brought ear plugs to gigs - I didn’t regret it then and even less now :slight_smile:

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