Finally found a good wifi solution

This is only indirectly related to Roon, but I think we can all agree that

  1. Networking sucks. Complicated and brittle. No abstractions, exposes all the nuts and bolts, any setting in any component can break it.
  2. Wifi sucks worse. More complexity, more brittle, poor coverage across the house. So we try wifi extenders, and
  3. Wifi extenders suck worst of all. Lots more settings that can interfere with other settings on other boxes, and you get another wifi name and each device has to choose which to connect to, and you walk around and the device sometimes switches successfully and sometimes not.

Just bought the Eero. Three boxes. Plug one in, give it a wifi name and password. Place the other devices around the house. They form a mesh with a single wifi name, take care of everything. No settings. All you got to do is give each a name, like “bedroom closet”, so you can find them next year.

Cons? $500 for three. But I have spent a lot more on a crateful of failed experiments. And the name, the spell checker keeps fixing “Eero”.

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Yet another company that doesn’t support Windows apps? IoS and Android only, apparently.

The setup app is phone only. Once set up, it does everything.

Yep, and I have a Windows phone. So I guess I’ll pass up on Eero.

Agreed networks are a pain. By and large I’ve not had much trouble with Roon network wise but probbly because I spent a lot of time on sorting out my network with previous players. Also I only use my NAS for backup and have my music library on a local hard disk.

This looks an interesting option. I wonder if Roon would ever consider “RoonReady” for network hardware like this if it really is good?

Just bought a 3 pack based on this… I hope it works :slight_smile: My wifi at home is a mess.

Hmm no shipping outside the US it seems :frowning:

OK, this has totally changed WiFi in my home. I have yet to connect a Roon Bridge device to the ethernet port of a far away Eero to see if that bridging works well, but I’m really happy with this product.

I my bedroom I have Eero > SonicOrbiter > Geek Out > Audeze EL-8 and it works fine.
In another room I have a regular little WiFi adapter connected to an MS600, listening to the Eero, also works fine.

Perfect… I think I might do RPi3 + Hifiberry Digi+ to a Devaliet Phantom via optical.

The Phantom is such a bait and switch… they talk about wireless greatness, but all their products are so not-networked in real use cases. Too bad it sounds awesome and looks great.

Guys – how have your Eero’s been holding up for the last few weeks?

Considering buying a pack – interested in your findings!

I’m having terrible wireless trouble. Old house which probably has chicken wire in the walls.

This is a US-only product, no?

At the moment, yes. From the Eero web site:

For the time being, we can only ship eeros to US addresses. eeros are only certified for use with the common North American power outlet (120V), and any damage caused by using eero with other power sources is not covered under our warranty.

Customers will also need a US phone number to log in to the eero app, so without that, you will not be able to set up or manage your eero.

Overall well. I didn’t get full coverage in the house and bought a second set.

I have occasional trouble. Yesterday, for the first time, the node for my Roon server showed red status; I power cycled it and it came back, but later I lost connection to the core from an iPad. And in another room I run a TiVo Mini from an Eero and get occasional slow/no connection. But I also had trouble when I used MoCa. So I need some figuring out.

Summary: great product but not yet perfect connection.

Have you tried any of the latest {Beam Forming] AC Routers?? particular any of the Nighthawk [MIMO] routers from Netgear??..if not, I’d suggest a purchase from Amazon and return with 15-30 days if it doesn’t do what you need

i am very happy with the wifi provided by the eero

ive noticed one annoyance with the eero, but only with my macbook pro. it is a known issue that cant be fixed by eero – the macbook pro will connect to one of the 3 eeros, but then it wont switch if it finds a closer eero… so if i move around eero areas in my home, i have to disable/enable wifi on the macbook pro.

this is not a problem on my android phone (nexus 6) or my wife’s iphone 6

i also have a sonic orbiter hooked up via ethernet to an eero far far away from the my roon box… it works great.

Thanks for the updates – much appreciated!

I just finished hooked up a three pak of Eero devices this afternoon. Only hangup I had was my video Skybell doorbell wouldn’t connect. Will check with Skybell tech support - I may need to have it reset remotely. They (the doorbells) don’t like the network being changed up. In the meantime, using my Asus router to power the doorbell via one of the Eeros ethernet access points. Eero coverage is good thus-far, getting over 100 mbps download wifi, about 23 mpbs up.