Finally got an RPi but No Sound

@spockfish. In another thread I read something about using only a 4 or 8 GB microSD CARD. I’m using a 32GB. could that be an issue?

no that is not an issue. it’s related to the hat.

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Not that it necessarily helps you, but today I plugged a new HiFiBerry Digi + Pro into a new Raspberry Pi 3B+, followed the guide and when the install was completed connected via QED optical cable to my streamer, configured it in the newly built ROCK and it worked perfectly. Disappointing that you had 2 HiFiBerry Digis that did not work…

I am using Ethernet and not WiFi, don’t know if that is a factor?? However this is not directly wired Ethernet, it is over my electricity using Devolo Magic 2 home-plugs… so much faster and more reliable and resilient than WiFi.

Thanks Edmund,

Opting to return everything and go the pre-built Allo route. My wifi is 488MHz in the location of my system so connectivity is not an issue.

So I’ve ordered the Allo digiOne prebuilt system. It states that it will come with DietPi but can I just remove the sd card and insert the ropieee card I was using in the above trials?

Do I need to do anything else other than log in and configure? I’m assuming it’s the same log in process as if it were a system I built myself.

Well I think that if it comes with DietPi I suspect that it will be pretty plug and play…

Rather than immediately installing RoPieee, why noy give the supplied device a try and see how it goes. By all means prepare a new SD card with a freshly downloaded RoPieee so you can give that a try after, but initially prove it works as supplied?

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Thanks Edmund. I did plan on trying it first. I guess the OS is really not so important as long as it works. In other words, the os has no effect on the sound quality.

Don’t just swap an existing Ropieee installed card in there … flash a fresh image and let it install in the RPi it will run on in case there are any things the install catches that might be different.


I have been looking at DietPi and I must say that getting it installed and running looks a lot more complex that RoPieee, which quite frankly could not be easier as it is virtually totally automatic, and requires only the lightest touch to configure (identify HAT and [for me] to set the fixed IP address). All server and service devices on mt LAN have a fixed IP Addresses and IP reservations in my Asus Router.

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I’ll try it (DietPi) first and see how it fairs. If it becomes too much of an issue, then I’ll flash a new ropieee and give that a try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Digi Plus Pro here for years. Always worked with Ropieee no issues. Your SD card might be the problem… I had to replace mine yesterday as they whole thing ran slow and it was a faulty card.

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So my fully configured All DigiOne arrived today. The instructions say to connect ALL cables prior to initial power up. Well, I can’t really do that. I want to ONLY connect the ethernet, fire it up and let it stabilize, Web in and set up the wifi, then go connect it into my system. BTW, this came with DietPi.

Anyone see an issue with this approach? If the Coax out is not connected when I fire it up, will that cause some sort of initialization problems?


You should be fine.

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DAMN IT!! I dont know how to ssh into this thing to turn on the wifi. Got an ssh program but not sure how to find the digione and log into it. Probably better to just reflash the card with ropieee.

Why would they disable the wifi and will just reflashing with ropieee turn wifi back on?

SSH from a MacTerminal App. Where userid is probably root and is the IP of your DigiOne.

If you’re on WIN10 you’ll need a program called PUTTY.

Or you can hook up a keyboard/mouse and a monitor (temporarliy) and run DietPi-Config. See the instructions on the DietPi site for more detail about what it can do.

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I’ll try that… Thank you

Well I abandoned DietPi and reflashed with ropieee (so much more appreciation for ropieee now). Re imaged the DigiOne, hooked it up and I am back in business. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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Yes, that RoPieee auto install and setup is pretty slick… Glad you got it sorted.

Why WiFi rather than Ethernet??

My music room is in a part of the house that wasn’t originally wired and to wire it today would just be cost prohibitive. I get 433MHz Wi-Fi in that room which is more than enough.