Finally got wired connection to main listening room and

So after many a year of messing about with first wireless, then EoP adaptors, then back to wireless I finally got round to routing gige to my main room. Had to go outside of the house as path of least resistance and less cable on show as can’t hide it. Holes were already there for a old phone line i no longer use in the hall where I now get fibre and another one in the main room that was used for sky, but ditched it long ago due to the loathing of Murdoch.

It wasn’t plain sailing and today has been blisteringly hot so I have lost a few pounds in bodily fluids. I still had to get a masonry bit long enough to make the path smooth enough to get the cable through and some cable guide, but it’s in. Two sockets either end with external grade cat6 in-between. Only then needed a small patch cable to the socket in the hall to get under stairs to the router and the rest of the servers etc and another small patch cable from socket in main room to my Naim Uniti Atom.

I now have a sense of well being and all is right with the world and I finally did some DIY that worked and did not cause more damage that I have to get a man in to fix it. Big beer required.

So now let’s sit down and listen. I expect it to sound way better as everyone says wireless is gash for hifi streaming so I expect to be blown away. Ohhhh hang on wait a minute it sounds the same as it did on wireless. Switch cable to streamer with more expensive cable, still the same. Oh well at least the UI is snappier :slight_smile: worth all that hassle and expense I am sure.

Some times it’s best just not to bother.


Two things,

1 I think you have confused Powerline Adaptors with PoE. I doubt very much you have used POE :grinning:.

2 As you have noticed if Wi-Fi has enough bandwidth you won’t notice any difference using cabled Ethernet sound wise. However it will be more stable and offer much greater bandwidth.

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Oh yes got my acroynms muddled up. I.could stream dsd128 and 384 pcm with WiFi perfectly. Since I got the ubiquiti ap never had any stability issues either. But hey it’s in now might as well use it and gives me the option to have another wireless ap in the room.

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Hey, the emperor doesn’t wear clothes in a lot of situations. Next on the list of over hyped disappointments - uber expensive endpoints, high priced cables, $1500 USB massagers, $3000 streamers, and last but not least, $7000 DACs.

Even if they did make a difference commensurate with the over blown pricing, most people couldn’t hear the difference. In spite of what they say.

After your DIY success try listening

Flanders & Swann — The Gas Man Cometh

It’s a hoot

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Well, perhaps your wired setup will turn out to be more reliable. And, if the psychologists are right, you WILL hear the improved SQ eventually.

I felt your pain reading this. At least you had the sense to buy big beer ahead of time. :slight_smile:


How about $2400 DACs? :slight_smile:

I raiise you a dCs vivaldi.

I wait, with great anticipation, for the iFi Pro iDSD. Great as it is. If they add Roon integration, then it sets the stage for others to follow. All for $2500.

Yes, they had to recall early units, but that’s just teething pains.

I thought you were lusting after a TEAC

Good memory, but I’ve moved on. According to reviews the TEAC is overpriced for what it is.

Sorry you didn’t see the improvement you were hoping for but you saved me a lot of trouble by sharing your story.

I’m gonna stick with my very stable WiFi connection after all.

I wasn’t really putting it in for an improvement in sq, more in readiness for possible nucleus or other audiophile music server purchase as these won’t run well on wireless and at their cost they are not hiding in my server cupboard but pride and place with other hifi equipment.

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I see you and raise -

Only $22K?! I could get one for each room of the house. But only if it does MQA…

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I loved the ridiculous (was it Denon?) $700 Ethernet cable that was absolutely trolled in comments on Amazon a few years ago. But $1,500 USB massage devices? Excuse me while I collect myself off of the floor. :laughing:

To be fair - only $1200 before tax -

Probably more egregious examples.

Come to think of it here are more (from a previous rant) -

“Man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities, the most monstrous, and like a ship without a rudder is the sport of every wind. With such persons, gullibility takes the helm from the hand of reason, and the mind becomes a wreck.” --Thomas Jefferson

It really depends on your environment. I live in a condo where if I set up my laptop to look for access points, I can see anywhere from about 150 to 300 AP’s depending on environmental conditions.

That being said, I try and hard wire anything I possibly can. I call it the gymnasium effect. If you and I are in a gymnasium we can have a civil conversation. Bring in a few more people and it gets a little louder, and you may have to repeat what you say. Bring in dozens? You end up shouting and nobody can hear anybody. This is how WiFi works. (It’s also why it would be nice if the neighbours would turn their wifi strength down instead of cranking the crap out of it it would actually work better. Think whispering in the gym, less cross-talk.)

So well done on getting stuff wired, and do enjoy that BIG beer!

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Spot on Bob. I turned my router down to 80% and it still reaches all through my apartment, but hopefully is less intrusive on neighbors. Allowing it to swap channels dynamically is a useful feature in crowded situations imo (mines a relatively old Asus RT-AC68u).

Part of the fun of a crowded environment however is looking at everyone elses SSIDs. My favourites are “ThisLanIsMyLan” and “Whywontmywifiwork”.

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Abraham Linksys
The LAN Before Time
It Burns When IP
Bill Wi, the Science Fi
Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
I’m cheating on my WiFi
Silence of the LAN
Router? I hardly knew her!
All Your Bandwidth Are Belong to Us
99 problems, but WiFi ain’t one